Are you A-chan, or B-chan?

Hello everyone! Well, tests have finished and the end of the year is coming soon. For grade three high school students, you will be starting a new exciting chapter in your life. Congratulations on your graduation and good luck next year!

For all the other students, spring vacation is starts next week. We can already taste spring in the air, and the time off is a chance to recharge and refresh. It is time to think about the last year and try new challenges in April. Ok, see you!

OH! I almost forgot one thing. I am sure your teachers have given you some spring holiday homework! For my class it looks like this:

JHS Grade 1 homework.

Now, some of you know my homework speech, but some of you don’t, so here it goes. There are two types of girls, A-chan and B-chan. A-chan gets her spring homework and starts it the same day. Everyday she does it little by little, and then finishes before the end of her spring vacation. After that she can relax and enjoy her time.

B-chan gets her homework, puts it on her desk at home, and then goes out to play. Everyday she looks at the homework and says… “Tomorrow.” Then one day she wakes up and realizes that her holiday is almost over! She has to do her homework for hours and hours in the last days of her vacation. She comes to school for her new class tired and not rested.

So, everyone, are you A-chan or B-chan? Which sounds better to you?