English Recitation Contest and Year End

Hello Everyone,

Last Saturday was our English Recitation Contest. Two students from each junior high school class, so 24 in total, were chosen to compete. Each students practiced hard to not only remember a story, but to tell the story well. Grade one students read “Zorba’s Promise” a story about a cat who helps a young bird to fly.

Second grade students performed “Dolphin Tale”, about a dolphin who is helped by a young boy. The title has a double meaning as “Tale” means story, and “Tail” is the part of the dolphin that was injured.

Finally, grade three students told us about the story of Nishikori Kei. He is, of course, the famous tennis player that moved to America to practice tennis, even though he did not speak much English. In the story Nishikori tells us that he was not afraid of making mistakes in English, because he wanted to communicate with his coaches no matter what.

So, as we head into the spring holiday, think about Nishikori’s message. Come back ready to make LOTS of English mistakes, but as a result have LOTS of communication.

Thank you for this year and see you in April!