2018 Letter Exchange

Hello everyone,

School trip season has started, and today we said “Enjoy your trip” to the H2 girls going to Hokkaido. It is an important event in school life, so I hope they enjoy themselves. Next week other grades will go to Tokyo, Tokushima, and Kansai Aiport. After that, final tests are coming quickly.

In our M2 English conversation classes we have been writing letters to an elementary school in America. First, the American students wrote to us. Then, we replied. After that they wrote one more time, and this week our final replies will go back to them. Their school finishes at the end of June, so our letters will be a nice summer present.

The students in America study about Japanese culture, so our letters are a good way for them to learn about Japan. For our students, the letter exchange is only in English, so they have to use their English studies to read and write. Of course, everyone makes some mistakes, but it is nice to communicate with new people.

Here are a couple colourful letters we are sending. Good job everyone, thank you for your hard work!