Toronto Blue Jays

Hi everybody,

Now everyone is back from their school trips. I hope you had a good time! One cool thing happened for the girls who went to Canada. They went to a baseball game! The Toronto Blue Jays are Canada’s only major league team, so really it isn’t just “Toronto’s” team… it is Canada’s team! It was nice of them to welcome our girls to the stadium with a message on the scoreboard:

When I was a boy growing up in Canada I played baseball with my best friend. Even though we lived in Vancouver, we always cheered for the Blue Jays. In 1992 and 1993, the Blue Jays won the World Series. It is rare for teams to win two years in a row, but Toronto did it! The end of the 1993 World Series is one of the most famous homeruns in basball history.

In Japanese it is called a “Sayonara Hit”, but in English we call it a “Walk-off” hit, because afterwards the players walk off the field. The game is over. Joe Carter hit a walk-off homerun to win the series. Even though it happened 25 years ago, I still remember being in my living room, watching Joe Carter run to home.

I’m glad our girls got to have a major league experience, and that everyone came home safely. Thank you again to all the teachers and parents who helped put this trip together!