Ozaki Station

Hello everyone,

As you probably know, there was a fire in the station during the typhoon. Ozaki station is built over the tracks, so it was difficult to fight that fire. Some of the pictures from the day are shocking.

See that big black hole? That was my favorite gyoza spot! I hope the businesses in the station can start again.

As we continue to repair and recover form the typhoon, there is some good news! For students and teachers who use the Nankai line, Ozaki station re-opened today. However, it looks a little different…

This is the entrance today. You can’t go up and over the tracks, so how do you get to the platform?

They built a special ramp ON the tracks! It feels strange to walk on top of the rails. This is the picture for people going to Wakayama, and there is another ramp on the other side for people going to Osaka.

It will take time for the station to be repaired or rebuilt, but for now, we can start using the station again. Day by day, step by step, life returns to normal.