46th Wakayama English Recitation Contest

Hello everyone,

Another typhoon rolled over Japan this weekend, I hope your home and family are all ok. Before the storm hit, two of our students and I went to Wakayama city hall to participate in the annual recitation contest.

Before the summer, both students were offered 10 different readings to choose from. Miss Oida chose “Visas for 6,000 lives”, which is about a Japanese diplomat in Lithuania during World War Two. Of course you know this story, in which Mr. Sugihara wrote visas for Jewish people trying to leave the country. It is a serious story, and Miss Oida told it with grace.

Miss Takeda chose a piece called “Changing the World”. This is a speech that was first done at a United Nations environmental summit in Brazil. At the summit, a 12 year old girl spoke to adults on behalf of children about the problems facing future generations. Miss Takeda was the first speaker of the day, and her powerful voice set the tone for all of the other students there.

Both students won a special prize sponsored by the “Wiseman’s Club of Wakayama”. They should be proud of their effort! Good job!