Junior High School Life to High School Life

Hello everyone,

Did you enjoy your sports day? I enjoyed cycling in Shimanamikaido again this year. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great, but it is one of the most beautiful places in Japan.

Before exams, I asked my H1A students to write about the differences between their junior high school lives and high school lives. They did a really good job, and here are three examples:

Also, I began to do SGH this year. There are seven people in my group, but I didn’t know all the girls. I aquired the courage to speak my opinion through SGH because I had many chances to talk with new people. From now on I want to continue no only studying all the subjects, but also doing volunteer activities.

Of course, studying academics is important. But school is also a place to practice skills you will need in the future. Working in a group, being a leader, sharing your opinions, these are all things you will need in society. It is important to practice these skills now.

Also, I belong to GAC. I want to challenge new things and be internationally-minded. I made a handbill for an event with my senior. I had a sense of fulfillment.

The GAC club raises money for a school in Cambodia every year, and at Christmas travels there to learn more about the country and people. I hope you have a great time!

First, I think the difference between junior high school and high school is the importance of classes. The reason was that I was happy when I was sick in my junior high school days so I could be absent from school. But I am schocked to be late for classes now. So I think that I have to do my best every day.

In junior high school, your school life seems endless. However, once you enter high school, you realize that time passes very quickly. In life there are many things you can repeat. You can go to many universities, you can have many jobs, you can join many clubs and make many new friends. However, one thing you can never do again is be a high school student. So, I hope you enjoy your busy high school life. Make it full of friends and learning and memories. Live it with no regrets.

See you next week,