Christmas Lamp Shade

Hello everyone,

Before summer vacation, grade one junior high school students went to Shin-ai college for a lecture, and an art activity. They designed lapshades out of clay, and then the teacher at the college finished them. They were delivered back to use in October and have been on display at school.

Today the students took the lamp shades home, but first we displayed them all with little tea lights inside. It was a nice way to end the day. Here are some pictures:

Kawamoto-sensei setting up Class A’s table.
Here they are!
Ishikawa-sensei waiting for it to get darker (she takes much better pictures than I do!)
With the candles on.
My attempt. Don’t laugh! I tried to make the nativity scene with the star above, but Joseph started to lean over during the drying process. Hang in there Joseph!

It isn’t long until our Christmas Mass. Let’s enjoy the season together.

See you!