Online English lectures

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to school! I hope you enjoyed your winter break, and that you were able to spend a good time with family and friends. How about your winter homework, were you able to finish it early and relax? Or… did you leave it to the last minute and have a stressful last few days?

This morning we had our opening ceremony in the gym. Oshiro-san talked about her online program at Stanford University. That program was a big challenge for her, so I want to say “good job!”

If you are interested in experiencing  something like that, there are many classes from American universities that are offered online, for free. A good resource to fine them is the site I often listen to the classes when I am riding my bicycle or hiking. They are usually a recording of the teacher speaking to his class, and are either audio or video.

I enjoyed…

Ancient Greek History

Basic Astronomy

and Adapting to Climate Change

… but there are many many others, so go take a look at the list of free courses, and search for something you are interested in.

The full list

See you next time!