Warm up your English voice!

Hey everyone,

It is third term now, and in my class students are starting to practice for the junior high school singing contest. In their music classes, they first warm up their voices with simple exercises, and then practice their part. A simple singing warmup looks like this:

When you speak English, warmups are also important. Everyday your mouth makes Japanese sounds, so your muscles work a certain way. When you speak English, you mouth makes different sounds, so you need to practice different muscles.

Try saying these sentences slowly and loudy to practice some different English sounds:

  1. Go slow Joe, you’re stepping on my toe.
  2. Boots and shoes lose newness soon.
  3. It was the student’s duty to deliver the Tuesday newspaper.
  4. Thoughtful thinkers think things through.
  5. Eat each green pea. Aim at the game. Ed said get ready.

These are not tongue twisters! Say them slowly and carefully, and your mouth will practicing making new English sounds. After you practice, come try them with me!

Have a good week everyone.