Hello everyone, especially YOU class H1E and H1F (they are here for their homework!)

Last time we talked about the Center Examination. When I went to university I had a different kind of test. It was called an “analogy” test.

An analogy is a word puzzle that shows a relationship between two ideas. A simple example is…


We can read this puzzle like: Summer is hot, and winter is cold. Using this, we can test knowledge from many different areas. For example…

1. Math – 36:6::81:__?__

2. History – Napoleon:France::Stalin:__?__

3. Geography – Amazon:Brazil::Nile:__?__

4. Chemistry – H₂SO₄:Sulpheric Acid::__?__:Carbon Dioxide

5. Art – Monet:__?__::Mozart:Composing

I took an analogies test when I entered graduate school. There were 120 questions with 60 minutes to solve them all. Can you try these five questions? If you tell me the answers, I have a surprise for you! Have a good week,