November 23… Double Holiday!

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow we do not have school. November 23 is “Labor Day” in Japan. It is a day for working people to take a rest. There is a special festival in Nagano, and many children say thank you to their parents and other people for working.

Did you ever say thank you to a policeman?

In America, tomorrow is also a holiday. “Thanksgiving” is on the 4th Thursday of November every year. “Thanksgiving” is a day to “Give Thanks” or say thank you. It is an autumn holiday that people celebrate with their families. The airports and roads are busy because many people travel to be with their family. Many people eat a turkey, and there are sports to watch on television.

Turkey Dinner!

Thanksgiving is also the start of the “holiday season”. People start thinking about Christmas, and shops have special Christmas shopping sales and decorations. Thanksgiving is on Thursday, and the next day, Friday, is called “Black Friday”. On this day many items are cheap, and people start buying Christmas presents. It is one of the busiest shopping day of the year!

Black Friday shopping.

Your final tests are coming, so tomorrow is a good chance to study. But don’t forget to take a moment to say “Thank you!” to your mother and father for working.

M3 Class C and D Work Experience Writing

Hello everyone,

Last week our junior high school grade 3 students had two days of work experience. For homework, the students wrote about where they went, and what they did. Today I will share three of their writings from classes C and D with you.

Click each picture to make it bigger!

Our first girl went to a pharmacy. She had a big responsibility preparing medicine. She has a nice sentence “I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their kindness.”

Our second girl went to a hospital where she worked helping nurses. She worked with both staff and patients. Be careful of the word “explained” vs “told”.

I was told how to use a wheelchair, too.”


The nurse explained how to use a wheelchair, too.”


Our third girl also went to a hospital, and wants to be a “physiotherapist”. Physio means physical, and therapy means making people better. So, physiotherapy means making people feel better by moving.

Have a good week, and study hard for your tests!

「トビタテ!留学JAPAN」 3期生留学報告会